Are You Living Authentically?

You Can! These stories will help you do it with more ease and less fear.

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Authenticity is you showing up as your true self, no holding back. It asks that you explore and reveal parts of yourself previously hidden and perhaps ones you didn’t even know existed. Living authentically is not for the weak—it takes true strength, practice, and devotion—and it takes courage.

The women who share their stories in this book are extraordinary. They have made significant shifts in the way they show up and their ways of thinking. They’ve developed and share practices, mantras, and techniques to live as the authentic spiritual beings they are. These women have empowered themselves through self-discovery, deep introspection, mindfulness, and self-love. Their transformations are nothing short of miraculous, and they speak to the undying vibrancy and love that exists in each of us.

If you long to embrace your truth, and live a life of meaning, purpose, and grace, these stories are the perfect guide for you. These women will empower you on your own journey of authenticity.


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Discover Many Lessons for Living Authentically & Unapologetically:

  • Love is the great elixir; open your heart and let it flow
  • Belonging and self-acceptance must come from within
  • A traumatized childhood can transform to a beautiful life
  • Learn to trust and have faith that all is well
  • Self-love is the basis for empowerment and joy
  • Rock bottom can be a strong foundation
  • Releasing the past and forgiveness are vital for healing
  • Authenticity means living in alignment with your heart
  • Facing your fears takes courage—and it’s totally worth it
  • Call on your Angels and Guides who are always with you
  • Freedom is possible when you open your mind and heart

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POWERFUL YOU! Publishing

We are a publisher of inspirational and empowerment books, mostly by women. Our anthology books have helped more than 300 women become published authors. Our mission is to raise the vibration of people and the planet and to connect and empower individuals in their lives. If your mission is aligned, we’d love to publish your book and

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Sue Urda is your Feel Good Guidess. She has impacted thousands through her transformative talks and inspirational writings teaching people to embrace the power of feeling good. She is an award-winning and Amazon #1 bestselling author, publisher of 10 books, and Co-Founder of Powerful You! - a connections and empowerment company for women. Sue mission is to help people find the feel good and live in that space every day.

BONUS GIFTLive More Intentionally and with Gratitude ~ Receive 10 Lessons for your growth and ease. “You are a Divine and powerful individual capable of anything you set your thinking mind and loving heart to.” These lessons will help you tap the innate power you naturally possess and assist you to guide your thoughts and actions for more ease and grace as you move through each day. Get Your Gift


Amy is a Source intuitive, channeler and gifted energy healer who teaches creative entrepreneurs how to leave struggle behind and step into a empassioned life of unlimited possibility and empowered choice. Amy is the creator of powerful meditations that work and programs that create breakthroughs in prosperity, joy and well being.

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Living by Human Design

Human Design is a new system of self-knowledge and self-awareness that differs fundamentally from anything else that exists in the world today. It is not built on belief or faith but is a logical, empirical system based on ancient wisdoms and quantum physics. New book by Karen Flaherty available on Amazon!

BONUS GIFT: A complimentary Human Design chart drawn from your birth data. What emerges is a genetic map, a blueprint for your life's journey. You will also receive a complimentary report describing your unique Energy Type and your decision-making strategy. Get Your Gift


Toxin-free products made with wild crafted and USDA certified organic ingredients! PURE Baby ~ PURE Basics ~ PURE Home ~ PURE Pets. Wholesale, private labeling, customizing and new formulations are available for those who would like their own line of products.

BONUS GIFT: Are you Being Poisoned? A Handbook to Toxic Ingredients
This educational handbook explores over 130 individual toxic ingredients. These harmful ingredients are not only found in most personal care products, but in all aspects of our lives including the food we consume. Download our FREE e-book Get Your Gift


Internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher, intuitive coach, Reiki Master and best-selling author, Kumari was a civil rights attorney when her father died of cancer, inspiring her to master energy medicine. Kumari is hosting a new TV show entitled "BLISS" on the Divine Spirit Network.

BONUS GIFT: In Healing Illness and Dis-Ease; Anchoring in Well-Being and Vitality video Kumari expertly guides you to raise your vibration and clear the energetic pattern of illness and dis-ease. Discover the hidden reasons WHY you may be secretly sabotaging your health! Immerse yourself in cutting edge energy healing and alchemy crystal bowl attunements for increased Well-Being. Get Your Gift


Do you want to create a life of joy, purpose and fulfillment? It starts on the inside! Discover the person you truly are, your natural gifts and abilities, transform limiting beliefs, emotions and patterns to create a more fulfilling future. ThoughtChange combines energy medicine, mind shifting techniques and intuition to help you transform your life.

BONUS GIFT: ENJOY a beautiful manifestation meditation to help you release the past and step into joy and fulfillment on your path. An easy-to-use but powerful process; only a few minutes a day can make a profound impact! Your gift includes the Happiness & Fulfillment Spirit Prayer, e-book & audio meditation. Set your intent and allow! Get Your Gift

AmondaRose Igoe, "Your Speaking Success Strategist"

AmondaRose Igoe, “Your Speaking Success Strategist”, is an Award-Winning Speaking Expert and Best-Selling Author. She has taught thousands of Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Business Professionals step-by-step speaking systems so they can effectively share their message and enjoy massive results. She is the creator of the Invincible Speaker Systems to Amplify Your Impact and Income.

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Alison Anderson's highly intuitive and collaborative style melts away your limiting “roadblocks." Using mindset change processes, you will heal core messages from the body to restore well-being. Alison has 12+ years of experience with clients throughout the world and is passionate about helping you create health and happiness in every area of your life.

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I am a clinical nutritionist and weight loss expert and offer free coaching for those participating in the Isagenix cleansing and fat burning system.

BONUS GIFT: Free 30 minute consultation and a copy of my book Trusting Your Inner Physician: Practical Prescriptions to Live a Life of Optimal Health, Abundant Wealth and Total Freedom Get Your Gift

Lisa Pezik

I specialize in done for you services to build your websites, online courses, coaching programs, and funnels. You get to focus on the delivery of your skill and let my team and I handle all of the strategy, scripts, technology, automation and lead generation. By saving you time and energy, you'll fall in love with your business again because there will be no stress in getting your message out to the world and making passive income.

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Dr. Erica Martinez, RN

I am Dr. Erica Martinez - Expert Registered Nurse, Entrepreneur, Educator, Storyteller, Author, and all-around Sherpa, and I am dedicated to helping women burn brighter and find the courage to be who they are authentically meant to

BONUS GIFT: Find your true voice and your inner sense of wisdom to be seen, heard, and counted. We can all learn to be our authentically wonderful beautiful selves every moment of every day, and you will feel so much freer and lighter when you stop living into someone else’s or even the World’s expectations for you. Get Your Gift

Erika Amaizing

As a Soul based Coach and a sacred embroiderer, a Connector and Inspirerer, it is my own destiny to help you: realize your own Soul‘s purpose to consciously weave your unique life‘s thread within the tapestry called life, connect with your Soul which is the bridge to the Spirit and Source, and be inspired by your Soul‘s Purpose and to consciously weave your own destiny.

BONUS GIFT: Listen to the recording of the Prologue of my first draft of my first book to get an Impression of what it is all about and how it may serve you. It is about my experiences of reconnecting with my Soul‘s Purpose called "THE WYRDING WAY: the mysterious art of weaving destiny". Get Your Gift


Dr. Jo Anne White is an International Award Winning, Bestselling Author and Speaker, Certified Business Coach, Image and Branding Specialist and Lead Generation Strategist. She’s also the Executive Producer and Host of the Power Your Life TV & Radio Shows. Her books, training and seminars have inspired, empowered and transformed millions of people to create the lives and businesses of their dreams.

BONUS GIFT: Soul Manifestation E-Book by Dr. Jo Anne White. Your Soul is always guiding you. Are you listening? Tap into the knowledge of your soul and live more in tune with your soul’s calling. You can manifest your soul’s vision and have more inner peace, self-expansion and joy and begin right now. Get Your Gift

Loving Yourself Freely Life Coaching

Cindy Chipchase is a Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher, Certified Life Coach, Author and Founder of Circle of Hearts Society for Women. Her passion for empowering women evolved from her own healing journey facilitated by Reiki, Yoga and the support of a strong "Tribe" of women who embraced and supported her on her journey.

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Janet Grace Nelson

Explore the Deeper Dimensions of your Soul's Callings as you are stretched to Inspire your Passion & Empower your Life with the change you are Desiring. Life uplifting discoveries through Guided Meditations, Transformational Programs & Sacred Retreats to "Live a Life you Truly Love"...NOW!!!

BONUS GIFT: This Dynamic "Soul" expanding 3 Video Guide Series will take you through the Essential Steps to help you connect to your Heart's deepest longing, Your Divine Purpose awaits your discovery so you can live with greater meaning and make a difference for good and you'll want to jump out of bed excited to start your day. Get Your Gift


MedHealers offers effective, holistic healing modalities that combine Science and Spirit. We specialize in CranioSacral Therapy and Reiki Energy Medicine to support you on your healing journey by accessing your Inner Physician and allowing you to self correct. Allow us to be a part of your health care team!

BONUS GIFT: 10 Steps to Connect to Your Higher Self is a visualization to connect to your most valuable friend and ally who will guide you on your life path. Text the word HEALER to 345345 Get Your Gift

Love Evolution

A company, team, and organization focused on bringing consciousness based tools and technologies to help us accelerate and let go of the limiting beliefs, patterns, and blocks that are stopping us from love. True evolution through love.

BONUS GIFT: Receive a complementary life-changing tool (called “Personal Frequencies”) that you can begin to use any time 24/7 to help begin to unravel limiting beliefs that are stopping you from love. Simply by pressing play. Simply mention this gift and apply for a complimentary 30-minute consult and we will get you started with sound today. Get Your Gift


GAUYAFIT (a.k.a. DeAnne C. Gauya) is passionate about co-creating individualized, lifestyle fitness plans that inspire, educate and empower Mid-Lifers and Active Agers to improve their total lifestyle fitness, and become more adaptable, flexible, resilient, enduring and free to live full lives by design.

BONUS GIFT: GAUYAFIT LIFESTYLE FITNESS ASSESSMENT and a 20-minute phone or Zoom meeting consultation based on lifestyle fitness assessment results. A sample Meditation that you can download from YouTube. A sample Yoga Practice that you can download from YouTube. Get Your Gift

Nancy Stevens Coaching

Providing one to one life and health coaching for busy working women who want to live an authentic balanced life but don't know where to start and what to focus on first. Together we create your custom plan for a healthy balanced work/life that is easy for you to do so you feel authentically energized and aligned with what you need to do for your health on your terms!

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Digital E-Book "Self Care Tool Kit" Download this abundant guide to support and encourage your health and wellness journey with useful tools and tips meant to help you cultivate your best authentic care. Click here to receive your gift. Get Your Gift

Loren Levitt

I am a Counselor, Life Coach, Personal Trainer and Wellness Advisor. As well as an Author and Guest Speaker. I provide coaching sessions to help guide you back on your path to fulfilling your sense of purpose, passion and overall life goals. Together, we can explore any road blocks or obstacles that stand in between you and your Best Self.

BONUS GIFT: Life gets hectic.Sometimes we need to recharge and ground ourselves. Whether it is taking a break during the day, or to calm the mind at night before going to sleep. I am offering a free 10 minute meditation that you can download to your personal playlist, and will be available to you anytime you need! Get Your Gift

Pursue Your Spark by Heike Yates

We help active women in midlife live a healthy lifestyle by designing simple and balanced fitness, nutrition and lifestyle programs. Through our 5-step S.P.A.R.K. teaching method, we help you create real-life solutions and get the results you deserve.

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Laera's Lair of Natural Healing

Reiki therapy (stress reduction and relaxation), essential oils consultations and sales (volatile aromatic compounds found in plants used for health care, food preparation, and beauty treatments, which oftentimes are more effective than pharmaceutical drugs for healing), and shamanic healing (clear negative energies from your True Self, and retrieve vitality from your past energetic investments).

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Leslie Nolan Design- ‘Get Your Mojo Back!

I work with Creative Entrepreneurs who have lost their mojo and inspirational vision. I help them reclaim their power, and find the courage to create their great work.

BONUS GIFT: Get Instant Access to Your Gift! "How to Get Your Mojo Back!" The Creative Entrepreneur's Guide ~ Receive Five Energetic Keys to ignite and remove creative blocks. Tap into your intuition to help you through transition and big change. Discover what is holding you back. Find innovative connections for breakthrough. Receive unique perspective of your situation in alignment with your values. Get Your Gift

Shine Wellness with Christine Williams

Chronic stress affects your hormonal health, leads to chronic illness and is making you sick …..Transformational Health Coaching supporting Women Who Lead, businesses, careers and families (who do TOO much), and want to reclaim their health and get a handle on stress and hormonal imbalances. It's time to take back the reins of your health, realign your mind and reclaim your power.

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Jennifer Hamady is a vocal coach and therapist specializing in the technical and emotional issues that interfere with self-expression. Based in New York City and Washington DC, Jennifer works in private practice with musicians and others to discover, develop, and confidently release their best personal, professional, and performance potential. She writes for The Huffington Post and Psychology Today on matters of creativity and is the author of three books and vocal and personal self-expression.

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Saira Priest is the author of: “Zen of Hoarding - 108 offerings for deciding what you own.” Clear the space between the clutter and your calling. “Seek Joy,” relax to a reading meditation filled with natural images paired with uplifting reflections. “If We Were…” share a sweet message of sharing with a child you love.

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Patti Fagan Money Coach

If you are a female entrepreneur or sales professional who struggles with low sales, self-doubt, and financial stress, Patti Fagan, Certified Money Coach, will show you how to explode your income, achieve financial success, and create a life and business you truly love. For money healing tips, visit:

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Health Matters

Doris Helge, Ph.D. is author of #1 Bestselling Books published in many foreign languages, ”Transforming Pain Into Power — Making the Most of Your Emotions,” ”Joy on the Job” and ”Conquer Your Inner Critic” and frequently interviewed on CNN, ”The Today Show” and NPR. Discover more about Dr. Doris at

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Mary Allison Brown, MSW

Mary Allison Brown, MSW is a licensed therapist and master mindset coach. It's her mission to help women learn how to break up with stress once and for all so that they can serve the world by living their purpose and create the joyful, fulfilled lives they truly desire. Mary Allison is also the author of Align With Joy and the host of The Life Unboxed Podcast.

BONUS GIFT: If you're ready to finally break up with stress and set yourself free, download Mary Allison's free Guide to Resetting Your Stress Thermostat. In this guide, you'll learn how your stress response system works, how to reprogram your body's automatic response to stressors, and how to create a massive transformation in your relationship with stress.Get Your Gift

Healing Energy Services for People and Animals

People and Pet Psychic & Healer, Wanda Buckner works with you and your animals to provide the energetic support and insight you need to heal. Wanda helps you and your animals repair the past, heal the present, and embrace the future. Wanda provides in-person sessions in greater Olympia WA and at a distance anywhere.

BONUS GIFT: Free PDF: People and Pet Psychic & Healer, Wanda Buckner works with you and your animals to provide the energetic support and insight you need to heal. Wanda helps you and your animals repair the past, heal the present, and embrace the future. Wanda provides in-person sessions in greater Olympia WA and at a distance anywhere. Get Your Gift

Ladybug Wellness

Ladybug Wellness is dedicated to empowering clients to achieve balance within their energy system to promote overall health and wellness. This website is a wealth of resources that will inspire anyone to find their true calling and passion by letting go of anything in their past that hinders them from a life worth living.

BONUS GIFT: Would you like to have more clarity and focus in your life; feel more whole, balanced and energized? Emotion Code is a non-invasive effective technique to release trapped negative energies that hinder you from feeling and experiencing all the good that life has to offer. Receive your complimentary introductory mini session here: Get Your Gift


Women In Joy, founded by Laura Rubinstein is an online retreat for Women. You can share and receive inspiring messages. Ask Coach Laura your questions and she will share her advice. Access the tools for cultivating your Feminine Power and living a joy-filled, passionate, juicy life!

BONUS GIFT: Are you ready to have more soul-connected juicy relationships? How about living authentically without stress or guilt and create flowing success! It all starts with a conscious awareness of our feminine essence. The Living In Feminine Energy Guide is here as our personal gift to you. Get Your Gift

Heaven on Earth Academy, LLC

Start setting your heart in the right direction with free resources to expand your mind, body and spirit and start laying the foundation of Self Love. Joining is free and gives you access to audios, downloads, articles, inspirational quote images, podcast interviews, online courses and much more.

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Women’s Empowerment Workshop

Women's Empowerment Workshop empowers women and girls through nature-based coaching, workshops, and retreats that nourish mind, body and spirit by connecting to the natural world in a profoundly enriching, compelling and transformational way. Our nature-based events offer expertly guided explorations that rejuvenate, revitalize and renew personal awareness, resilience and confidence.

BONUS GIFT: Expand your senses; connect to Source! Enjoy a 7-minute guided nature meditation journeying to awaken and expand your physical and intuitive senses. Feel your brain and body shift as you reconnect, and develop a powerful alignment with Source and the web of life. Plus, enjoy a free 30-minute discovery session with nature-based coach, Susie Kincade. Get Your Gift 

Kathryn Ford

Kathryn Ford is a Women's Empowerment Expert who helps sophisticated, extraordinary women live a life filled with an abundance of health, wealth and love. She is a Master Coach and Mentor, International Speaker, and Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author. Kathryn was also a '2016 Woman of the Year" nominee for the Los Angeles Business Journal.

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Havermann Financial Services, Inc.

Havermann Financial is a family-owned, full-service boutique financial services firm, based in Denver, serving women, couples and families across the United States. We excel at listening rather than talking, and delivering sound financial plans that meet your needs and aspirations. Whether you love finance or it bores you to tears, we partner with you to do what needs to be done so you don't have to think about it!

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Heal With Christina

Reach magical aspirations of healing and spiritual growth. Christina works with you energetically, shamanic-ly and nutritionally to reduce stress, promote relaxation and move forward on your spiritual journey.

BONUS GIFT: Share your intentions with Christina during a Gratitude Session...a 15 minute consultation, followed by a 30 minute Distant Reiki session with a follow up email within 24 hours afterwards...all at no cost. Get Your Gift

Roe Couture DeSaro ~ Feminine Leadership Coach

The Gusty Gal movement is luring powerful women to inspired feminine gutsy action, led by of the ultimate crusader, Roe. Her advocacy for supporting women who ‘drop the playing small game’ has women taking more risks and achieving more than they never had before. She works with women to embrace their authenticity and feminine brilliance.

BONUS GIFT: The Gutsy Gals Guide To: Courage, Risks & Rewards Training with Live Coaching Feedback. Find the courage to take new risks and reap great rewards, examine the concept of risk and break it into specific, manageable steps, look at risk from different perspectives. Explore how the rewards for taking chances far outweigh the costs. Value=$397.00 Get Your Gift