Tips for Living Authentically Every Day
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Imagine the possibility of living authentically as the person you were born to be—from your truth, from your heart, enlivened with purpose, filled with the grace, every moment of every day. It is a REAL possibility. Yes, even if your life is full of challenges, obstacles, loss, judgment, or tough situations and people, you can still choose to live authentically. This e-book is filled with tips, practices, and actionable ideas to help you LIVE AUTHENTICALLY EVERYDAY!

Authenticity is an inside job. It is a series of practices and a trained mindset to be vigilant to the workings of your inner guidance system, the whispers of your heart, and the nudges of your Spirit.

You deserve the goodness and freedom that abides with authentic living. It’s an expansive feeling to live from your truth, your heart space. It is worthy of your time and attention…And these tips will help you do it! You’re worthy. You deserve it. It is yours. Breathe it in and Enjoy!

This e-book is a compilation of mindful and meaningful tips, thoughts, and practices intended to enhance your own moment-to-moment authentic life experience.

As you read these tips, think of the ways you can bring them into your daily routine. As you do so, you’ll find that you’re more fully engaged with the people in your life, you’ll be less stressed, and enjoy more simple pleasures and fulfillment. You’ll also experience more peace, harmony, and ease with your family, loved ones, friends, coworkers, and community. This is everyday grace!

These tips are short and to the point because we know you have a full and busy life. Use them often to enhance your personal life experience.

About the Authors

The individuals sharing these tips are the co-authors of the new book The Beauty of Authenticity. They have come together to share their personal experiences and journeys to help you live a more heart-centered, joy-filled, and loving experience of connection and growth. It is their wish that the tips in this e-book and their stories in the paperback book will assist you on your personal life journey.

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